Adrenaline, dopamine and pleasure guaranteed!!! On the other hand, surfing is not an easy task. Finding and catching waves is a complex exercise that require practice and training.  

In order to glide as often as possible and progress quickly, it is essential to master the elements around you.

During your surf retreat, you will be taught theory and practical lessons so that once you sit on your board at the line-up, you will be comfortable with other surfers and the ocean will become your playground.

During your stay we will look at all the points below:  

Marine Sense

Understand and analyze wave & swell formation


Know how to use your equipment, know how to fall and know the safety rules and the direction of traffic valid in all the spots of the world.


It is important to be active and to move intelligently in the water in order to always be well positioned and catch the best waves.


Succeeding in being consistent during each session is essential to progress, to discover the techniques that can allow you to work rhythm.

Wave selection

The quality of wave selection will enable a surfer to put forward his capacities of radicality, power and speed. Get out of your comfort zone...

Lecture des conditions météorologiquesReading the weather conditions

Knowing how to analyse a forecast is not necessarily obvious, understanding weather conditions means always being in the right place at the right time.

Choice of materials according to conditions

Being well equipped is the basis of progress, spending too much time with unsuitable equipment means losing waves, frustration sessions and stagnation. Thanks to our partners, we will find a board adapted to your level.

Video analysis

Being able to analyse one's faults and improve one's technique is essential for rapid progress. Each of your coaching sessions will be filmed and a video feedback will take place after each session. You will also be able to retrieve all the photos and videos of your sessions during your surf retreat.

Respecting the rules

Enjoy each session in harmony with other surfers in kindness and safety by mastering the rules related to the practice and the spot!

Stretching and strengthening

Being comfortable in your body before, after and during practice allows you to perform well while rowing and standing on your board.


Video analysis and personalised coaching on the beach will allow you to erase your mistakes and perfect your style.